Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My boys

Are any of you the mom of boys only? I am certain there is a special place in Heaven for us...where there is no fart talk, where whites remain white, and the menu never has McDonald's on it! I'm just kidding...sort of. I love being a boy mom, but there are days that they make me crazy!

My children are four and a half years apart. I thought I would have until now before they started fighting. Wrong! They started fighting when my youngest was eighteen months old! It is an everyday battle. When they play together and are being nice to each other, I an just waiting for the first punch, scratch, or kick!

Yesterday was a rare day. A day that there was far more love than loathing. I live for those days!

Here's hoping for an argument free day!
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  1. I also think that our heaven will not have any bugs in it. I am surrounded by bugs at all times. Wyatt will empty a fistful of dead bugs onto the bathroom counter, wash his hands, scoop them all back up, then go to the table to eat. Why bother?

    I love this picture of your boys, by the way...almost as much as I love you!

    Cindy (blogger won't let me comment under WyTography for some reason)